To celebrate Pride Month, Givenchy Parfums confirms its support for the LGBTQIA+ community once again. The brand reiterates its collaboration with London gallery owner and LGBTQIA+ activist Amar Singh and artists Rewind Collective to create a new digital artwork, which will be sold for the benefit of the Le MAG Jeunes LGBT+ organisation. An initiative which perfectly reflects the House’s approach, according to which disruptive creativity and innovation always go hand in hand with values of respect and inclusion.

In 2021, the House was the first beauty brand to come up with an NFT, and to put this innovation at the service of an essential cause by collecting $128,000 for the Le MAG Jeunes LGBT+ organisation. Drawing inspiration from Givenchy’s hallmarks, and more specifically Prisme Libre, the House’s iconic loose powder, as well as the colours of the LGBTQIA+ flag, this virtual artwork will be on sale in a limited series of 1,952 items on VeVe, the largest mobile-first digital collectibles platform. After the sale, the total proceeds will go to Le MAG Jeunes LGBT+.

Through this initiative, Givenchy Parfums is proud to support Le MAG Jeunes LGBT+ (Movement for the Assertion of Young Gay, Lesbian, Bi & Trans people), a French association founded in Paris in 1985. Aimed at the LGBTQIA+ young population (15 to 30), Le MAG Jeunes LGBT+ focuses on support and accompanying: it carries out awareness-raising missions in schools, offers cultural and educational activities and provides psychological support to all those who need it. It also lobbies international institutions, so as to promote the implementation of more inclusive public policies, for today and tomorrow.

The $128,000 raised in 2021 made it possible for the organisation to open a new, bigger centre in the heart of Paris, located on rue Quincampoix, Paris 4th. This large space helps to overcome the isolation of young LGBT+ people by offering them support and multiple activities. Two new local centres have also been created in Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand, and three professionals have been recruited to promote the development of the association in the Ile de France and Auvergne Rhone Alpes regions. With these new resources, Le MAG Jeunes LGBT+, which currently helps over 500 young people, aims to support 1,600 of them. In addition, the association has been able to increase the number of interventions in schools (from 3,000 students in 2020 to 11,360 in 2021), to prevent LGBT phobia and sexism in the education sector.

This initiative is fully in line with Givenchy Parfums’ approach, which aims to promote an inclusive culture open to all types of diversity. Its team members’ uniqueness and expertise are a precious source of creativity and innovation. Givenchy Parfums ensures that all are included so that they are totally free to be themselves and can fully express their potential. Each talent is unique and the strength of the House relies on merging these differences.